Embellish Rhinestone Jeans Gold Tassel Chain Chucky AB Crystal Shorts Glam Booty Cheek Glamorous Upcycled Blue Bum Denim Shorts Fray Hem

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This is a beautiful short that has been recycled upcycled and redesigned with individual AB Gold Chain Tassel Fringe.

This is single gold tassel is individually sewn onto the jeans after it has benn glued and then dried before sewing. This is a very tedious process of handsewing


Chain Fringe Tassel Rhinestone also available in silver AB

The sizes is arranged in such a way that buyers can understand better what size they want.

XXS       0                 24

XS          2                25

S            4                 26/27

S/M        6                 28

M             8                 29

M/L          10               30

L                12               31

XL             14                32

XXL           16                 33/34

$ 299.50
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Style: jeans

Brand: Motherlandmarketplace

Colour(s): Blue

Material: jean

Country of Manufacture: USA

Size: Check Product Description

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